Green awareness?

Green awareness protest leaves 500kg of trash in the Espoo forest. Organizers blame government’s propaganda

On Friday the 16th of August, 7,000 green activists rallied together in the Espoo forest, protesting against the use of non recyclable products.

After a full day of protesting, live music performances, and public debates. Activists left large amounts of garbage on the ground. Solid materials consisting of Styrofoam cups, plastics, soda cans, glass bottles and paper brochures after large consumption of food, beverages and the actual rally materials. 

Dean Schneider, Espoo city council member declares this act as: “Foul-Play, irresponsible, childish and somewhat ironic” considering that the original purpose of the protest was increasing green awareness and eventually leaving an environmental damage hurting the natural surroundings of the Espoo forest. 
“The protesting area was left clean, clearly the littering act was done by governmental bodies in order to present the green bodies as hooligans and criminals” states Lenny Dierks, Green Party spokesperson.