NTA Helsinki

The News Transformation Agency Helsinki ran from August 20-26, 2012 as part of the Media Facade Festival, Night of The Arts 2012 and Helsingin Juhlaviikot.

NTA activities were covered by Radio Helsinki, MTV3 and Helsingin Sanomat.

We hosted three workshops and a publishing day in the Lasipalatsi gallery. During those days we turned into a real agency, analyzing news, transforming news, scripting futures and publishing them broadly.






News Transformation Agency

A workshop concept by Ulu Braun & Christina Kral / YKON

Juha Sääski – “We are not here to tell people that Nestle is a Swiss company”
Marita Rainbird – “First you need a dream”
Maria Candia – “The Truth Is Out There”
Kikka Rytkönen – “The people DECIDE!”
Valentin Lorenz – “Bad news are not good news – they’re just bad!”
Maria Vahuri
Teemu Lehtonen – “I have seen them doing it”
Erika-Evely Eisen – “Catch me if you can”
Tellervo Kalleinen
Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen
Alick Friedman – “We’re just a million little gods causin’ rain storms turnin’ every good thing to rust.”
Kate Ray


Live News Show
Moderation by Marita Rainbird & Juha Sääski
with Mia Marttiini, Tomas Träskman, Maria Candia, Krisse Sampi, Valentin Lorenz, Tellervo Kalleinen, Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen

Extra thanks to Saara Rautio, Valentin Lorenz, Minna Tarkka, Saija Salonen, Kalle Kuisma

And thank you to Stickma/Wildsmile who provided us with great NTA stickers.